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More about Upper Blackhall

At the top of the beat is the famous Morel pool which holds fish throughout the season and is the only pool that is inaccessible by vehicle.


The top hut overlooks the prestigious Scobboc pool that again fishes in all heights of water.


The most famous pool is the Ferroch opposite Cairnton and, with a large hut overlooking it, is a dream to fish besides being very productive in medium to low water.


At the bottom of the beat is the Grey Mare which also fishes in all heights of water and is another substantial holding pool.

Ghillie - Freelance Available on Request

Our wonderful Ghillie, Raymond Sinclair retired in 2023 after more than 30 years with us! 

We don't have anyone full time, however we have a number of experienced ghillie's and guides who would be willing to help support our guests for anything from £100 per day. 

They can be contacted directly, so please reach out on email ( for their details. 

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