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News from the Ghillie, Raymond Sinclair 2023

It was John Hartley and his friends who fished with us this week. Although they fished hard right through until dark only kelts were caught.


The water came up a bit overnight on Saturday so hopefully it will bring some fish in.

Sunday 19th February
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It was the same rods as last week for the first two days and Nick Cairns was the first to catch a fish. Late on Tuesday afternoon he got a lovely fresh fish of around 7lb in the Grey Mare.


A short while later just before they packed up John Hetherington had a similar fish in the corner pool.


On Saturday afternoon Andy Goodenough came for a cast and caught a sparkling fresh 10lb fish in the corner pool.

Sunday 12th February
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It is Peter Scarret and friends who are fishing with us on the opening four days and for the first two days of next week.


They are all experienced fishermen and fish hard and although conditions were good only kelts were caught.


There has been some fresh fish caught on opening week so hopefully it will be our turn next week.

Sunday 5th February
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