News from the Ghillie, Raymond Sinclair 2022

Sunday 24th April

It was Pontus Gunlycke and his clients from Sweden who were fishing this week most of whom have been before, all are experienced fishermen but nothing was caught.


It was a warm sunny week with the water slowly dropping off although it was quite cold in the mornings.


The sand martins came bang on time on Monday the 18th. In the 30 odd years I have been here there has only been three or four times they haven’t arrived on that date.

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Sunday 17th April

It was Pontus Gunlycke and his friends from Sweden who were fishing with us this week and although they were all very experienced fishermen who fished long and hard nothing was caught.


Pontus will have a different party this next week so let’s hope they have more luck.


It is slowly warming up and the sand martins should be arriving with us this week if they are true to form.

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Sunday 10th April

It was day rods this week and although they all fished long and diligently nothing was caught on our beat and nearly all the fish that were caught were well above us which means they must be travelling through.


The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this coming week and hopefully the wind will move round to the south instead of the cold north east wind we have had lately.


This coming week is the start of three weeks of our Scandinavian friends so we hope they have some success as we know they all fish long and hard.

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Sunday 3rd April

We had Raymond Edge and his friends fishing for the first three days this week and although they fished hard nothing was caught but they had an enjoyable time.


The rest of the week was lightly fished with no luck.


There is a change in the weather over the next few days which might put the river up enough to tempt some fish to run.

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Sunday 27th March

It was our friends from Denmark who were with us this week and Henrik and Lotte Larsen hosted the party. Henrik has been coming to us for some years now and along with his friends they stay in our accommodation and fish our beat along with another two beats further upstream and the team caught six springers with three of them coming from Upper Blackhall.


The first fish of the week for us was caught by Per Norgaard, a lovely 11lber from the grey mare on Thursday morning with Torben Fyhring getting a 12lber in the Big Girnal an hour later.


On Friday morning Henrik got a nice fresh fish in the Upper Ferroch of around 6lb so a very good week for us.

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Sunday 20th March

Well after the high water last weekend I was hoping for a good run of fish entering the system but we didn’t connect with anything, in saying that we were very lightly fished so I expect there were a few fish sneaked past us.


We have our first lot of Scandinavians coming this week so I know they will put in the hours and let’s hope they have some success.The grey wagtails have arrived back with us,I always like to see them they are such lovely little birds.

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Sunday 27th February

John Hartley and his friends were fishing for the last three days of the week. They were the successful bidders for the the days we donated to the river trust last year but because of covid they were deferred until this year.


They are all experienced fishermen and fished long and hard. Paul Stanley was rewarded with a nice fresh spring fish on his last run down the corner pool on Friday after losing a fish in the green spout in the morning.


There has been some large skeins of geese heading north to their nesting grounds, spring will soon be here.

Sunday 20th February

Well the weather played a big part this week as far as fishing was concerned with the first few day being reasonable good. However, by Thursday the wind had got up and Friday we had heavy snow all day.


Saturday was a lovely clear sunny day but very cold with no fish to be seen. Hopefully it will warm up in the coming weeks.

Sunday 13th February

For the first three days of the week it was Charles Weatherly and his friends who were fishing. Charles was the highest bidder for the days we donated to the river trust and although they were all experienced fishermen only kelts were caught.


The rest of the week produced nothing but there has been a considerable rise of water over the weekend so we might have some luck this coming week of which there is day rod availability.

Sunday 6th February

The season started on Tuesday and this first week was hosted by Peter Scarrott and although conditions were good, on the first day the whole river drew a blank. 


On Wednesday Nick Craigs landed our first springer of the season, a lovely fresh 7lb fish from the Corner Pool.


Conditions continued to be good for the rest of the week but no more fish were caught.

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