News from the Ghillie, Raymond Sinclair 2021

Sunday 9th May

We had two fish this week, the first was caught on Monday by Andy Barrowman, a lovely 10lber from the Green Spout. Mr Simon Mitchell landed the second one on Saturday from the corner pool - a sea liced 8lb bar of silver.


Weatherwise we were hit by the cauld gab o Mey (the cold spell in May) with wintery showers and a bitter north east wind but hopefully, it will now warm up and make things more pleasant. 

Sunday 2nd May

It was Christopher McHugh who was fishing with us this week and he fished hard all week to be rewarded, on Friday afternoon, with a lovely fresh 10lb fish from the Upper Ferroch.


Now that we are into May it should start to warm up a bit and the old ghillies (which I am now one) used to say fan the birch buds are as big as moosies lugs that’s the time to go on to the floating line.

Sunday 25th April

Another week of sunny days and low water conditions with nothing much happening for us but, on Saturday Andy Goodenough had a go and caught a nice 3lb sea trout in the Ferroch.


It is usually around this time of year just at dusk you will see a roding Woodcock fly over the river and that is the time you should have your fly in the water.

Sunday 18th April

This week was quieter than last with hard frosts and clear sunny days. On Tuesday Murray Smith fished in the evening and caught a nice 6lbs fish in the Sandys just at dusk.


The sand martins have arrived right on time and the swallows will come in a week or so. Let’s hope they bring a good run of fish with them.

Sunday 11th April

It was a good week for Upper Blackhall. John Bannerman kicked it off on Wednesday when he caught a lovely 9lb fish in the Sandys late in the afternoon. It was a red letter day for Ally Ker on Thursday when he came up to fish in the afternoon and caught three springers, two of which came from the corner pool with the third coming from the Lower Ferroch. On Saturday Graham Ritchie fished hard all day and was rewarded in the evening when he got a nice 9lber in the Lower Ferroch. So best week of the season so far and we hope it continues as there is still availability for locals until the COVID rules change.

Sunday 4th April

We wish you all a very Happy Easter!


We were very lightly fished this week as we had the contractors in fixing the road and the river bank where the trees had uprooted into the river due to the bank erosion.  This is now completed apart from tidying up. According to the weather forecast it is going to be colder this coming week but we are into April now so historically there should be fish starting to run and hopefully we can get into some.

Sunday 28th March

For the first three days this week we had Charles Weatherly fishing with us. Charles was the highest bidder in the Dee trust auction to which we donated three days fishing. On Monday he was rewarded with a lovely fresh 8lb fish from the corner pool. The rest of the week was uneventful with just the odd kelt but hopefully we can get hold of something this coming week.

Sunday 21st March

The week started with an almost spring feeling about it with mild temperatures and good water heights for us but apart from one kelt nothing else was contacted.


At the moment perseverance and a lot of luck is needed to come in contact with a fish, hopefully things improve before long.

Photo from Venetia Mitchell.jpg
Sunday 7th March

It was quite good fishing conditions this week with the water just slowly dropping off but it was only kelts we connected with. There were more fish being caught mainly on the lower beats so hopefully they will arrive with us this coming week. The river road is not yet passable for saloon cars yet but I have been levelling it off and will continue to do so this week so hopefully we will get through it soon.

Sunday 28th February

With high water most of the week it was Friday and Saturday before it was a decent fishing height for us. With the high pressure over us it should remain good conditions for the coming week.

Sunday 14th March

This week saw our season get off to a start when Jane Hutcheon came up with her dad and caught a lovely fresh 9lb fish in the corner pool on Friday. Well done Jane.


There are a few fish spread out over the river now so hears hoping we get into some this coming week.


The river road is passable (with care) to most cars now and there is availability to locals at the moment.

Photo from Venetia Mitchell.jpg
Sunday 21st February

The river was mostly unfishable this week due to the sudden mild weather which brought down the snowmelt.


It was particularly high on Saturday and Sunday breaking its banks in places but it is dropping now and we may be allowed to fish again soon.

Sunday 14th February

The river was virtually unfishable most of the week due to very low temperatures, gru and a lot of snow. The snow is now drifting in the strong wind which brings me to point out if anyone wants to book fishing this week they will have to have a four wheel drive vehicle to access the beat. The road up the river is very badly affected by the snow and ice.

Sunday 7th February

The season started on Monday with quite good conditions but we only caught kelts. The weather changed on Tuesday which was unfishable due to the gru coming down and the rest of the week was a mixture of snow, sleet and rain with a bitter east wind. There has been snow all weekend and the weather doesn’t look great for the coming week but hopefully we will see some action.

Photo from Venetia Mitchell.jpg