News from the Ghillie, Raymond Sinclair 2021

The season started on Monday with quite good conditions but we only caught kelts. The weather changed on Tuesday which was unfishable due to the gru coming down and the rest of the week was a mixture of snow, sleet and rain with a bitter east wind. There has been snow all weekend and the weather doesn’t look great for the coming week but hopefully we will see some action.

The river was virtually unfishable most of the week due to very low temperatures, gru and a lot of snow. The snow is now drifting in the strong wind which brings me to point out if anyone wants to book fishing this week they will have to have a four wheel drive vehicle to access the beat. The road up the river is very badly affected by the snow and ice.

The river was mostly unfishable this week due to the sudden mild weather which brought down the snowmelt.


It was particularly high on Saturday and Sunday breaking its banks in places but it is dropping now and we may be allowed to fish again soon.

With high water most of the week it was Friday and Saturday before it was a decent fishing height for us. With the high pressure over us it should remain good conditions for the coming week.

@ 2018 Upper Blackhall